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Sports Science & Active Rehabilitation in the West Kootenays

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A Sports Science Driven Approach to Training

Elevate Sport & Health is a private training company that is entrenched in sports science. Our strength coaches have a minimum of a university degree in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics and, as a result, our clients receive the highest level of exercise programming. We commit to being at the top of the industry by continuously learning and credentialing ourselves with the industry’s leading organizations.

"If You're Not Assessing Your Athletes, You're Just Guessing."

Training Programs

Elevate training programs are meticulously designed, specifically for you. You'll begin your program by undergoing a thorough assessment to determine any dysfunctional movement patterns. Once any limitations/concerns are determined, we provide training programs and experiences that are specific to you. Everyone's different, so why should you get the exact same program as the person beside you?

Private Training

Training sessions where you work one on one with your strength coach.

Semi-Private Training

Training sessions where you and a partner (or two) work with your strength coach.

Team Training

Training sessions where a team (hockey, soccer, etc) is led by the strength coach.

Program Design

After a proper assessment, your strength coach develops a 2-3 month training program that you can follow on your own.

Movement Assessment

A one hour session where the strength coach determines any movement dysfunctions that may be causing pain or limiting your training effectiveness.

ICBC Kinesiology

For those that have an ICBC claim. ICBC, with a Doctors referral, will cover a number of training sessions to help you on the road to recovery.